Real Estate And The Senior Community

"I take special interest in the real estate needs of seniors. This is often overlooked by other agents but to me it is a priority."


 I realize that people in their senior years often have the majority of their wealth invested in real estate and we are dedicated to helping seniors with this asset. We recognize that there is a need for additional services when handling the real estate needs of seniors and have agents on staff to provide these services.


We can help you make knowledgeable decisions about selling the family home, financing, buying rental property, or managing the capital gains and tax implications of owning real estate, among many other issues. We offer our clients relevant information in senior real estate transactions, and can refer you to other professionals such as attorneys and C.P.A.s who also have specialty interest in senior clientele issues.


I have information for all levels of senior housing, from condos to assisted living and nursing homes. I make it our goal to help make the transition process easier for seniors by providing information and guidance when it comes time to sell your home, with the patience, care and respect our senior clients deserve.    


How Dan Can Help

The National Association of Realtors recognized the specialized need of seniors and their families to sell an established home quickly and efficiently.


They have established a designation for realtors called Seniors Real Estate Specialists® (SRES®). To earn the designation a realtor goes through a comprehensive program which qualifies them to know how to work with seniors in the 50+ real estate market.


» Can provide a customized approach to your situation; an SRES works with how your living situation fits into your overall plan.
» Expertise and patience without condescension.
» An awareness of options and solid, reliable referrals for specific situations to explore those options.
» A variety of choices to reduce out of pocket expenses, gain cash, or create or defer income streams to either stay independent or finance assistance.
» Understanding how real estate impacts Medicare and Medicaid laws.
» Knowledge of retirement accounts such as 401K and IRA accounts in relationship to real estate purchases.


With many seniors downsizing they need to work with an agent that is qualified in SRES Services. With more of the senior population downsizing or moving there has been a growing need for moving companies to specialize in the needs of seniors and their families. Some moving companies have added a department just for moving seniors. Call Dan Berry today and he can put you in touch with companies offering these special services for seniors.